USW Film Room

This section is dedicated to hosting films, videos, and books from the great history of the United Steelworkers and all our predecessor unions and general union and worker theme materials. 


Salt of the Earth: The 1954 classic. Based on an actual strike against the Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico by the International Mine, Mill and Smelter Union (that merged into USW in the 1960's). The film deals with the prejudice against the Mexican-American workers, who struck to attain wage parity with Anglo workers in other mines and to be treated with dignity by the bosses. This film was made during the heart of the McCarthy area witchhunt. Stars: Juan Chacon, Rosaura Revuelta, & Will Geer. 

The River Ran Red: The 1892 Homestead Steel Strike, An Uprising That Became History. Using newspaper stories, diary excerpts and other voices from the past, this video recreates the story of the Homestead lockout and strike from the workers’ point of view.

MORE to come soon. Stay tuned. 

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