Local 1945 Stewards learn, mobilize, organize, and plan for the Local's future success!

Several Local 1945 Members met on Saturday March 4 at the local union hall for our first Union Steward training for 2023. 

Stewards learned about United Steelworkers' and US Labor History. In particular, our collective history of struggle and the history of  workers fight for social and econimic equality. The foundational pillars of our mother and fathers of this great union were highlighted. 

Stewards' also learned about the many jobs, roles, legal rights and obligations as stewards. 

Stewards were treated to a special presentation from our partners at Ford and Wallach, a union law firm who represent injuried workers, about "Workmen's Comp." They gifted a copy of "The Union Steward's Guide to California Workers' Comp. "

Stewards also learned about grievance handdling, The "Do's and Don't" of grievance investigations, handling and processing. They were treated to informataive videos, back and forth disscusion and role play.

Lastly, members learned about how to better organized their workplace and build power on the shopfloor one member at a time.